Message from the University Librarian

Welcome to the SAPTA Library.

Our library strives to provide the highest quality services and resources to the college community. The Library recognizes the importance of consulting its members, assessing the use of key resources and services, and providing decision makers with data for planning and resource allocation. The success of the library will be contingent on continuing to align library goals with the goals of the college as a whole. The library continues to distinguish itself as a leader in transforming, preserving, and making accessible enviable information resources.

I invite you who share our passion for lifelong learning to join the library in achieving its mission, to enable the exploration and collaboration of scholars in their intellectual engagement with the world of ideas and in the creation of knowledge. Your contribution is essential in helping us reinvent a library for the future.

College Librarian

Library Objectives

To fulfill this mission, the Library commits to:

  1. Create hospitable physical and virtual environments for study, teaching, and research;
  2. Build collections and create tools to support research, teaching, and learning;
  3. Disseminate knowledge and information through Current Awareness Services, Reference and Information Services and Liaison Services;
  4. Provide materials not only in the areas of immediate concern, but also in the areas of growing importance;
  5. Provide full bibliographic information of materials held by the library;
  6. Promote the innovative adoption of emerging learning technologies
  7. Ensure the digitization, preservation and long-lasting availability of Library collections and resources;
  8. Advance local, national, and international library and information initiatives;
  9. Develop, encourage, and sustain expertise, skill, commitment and an innovative spirit in its staff.