Diploma in Chemical Dependency and Addiction Counselling

This course is aimed at developing professional competencies in dealing with clients in recovery or clients with substance use disorders. It is a 16 month course offered in part-time (one day a week) and distance learning modes Our training program is ideal for counsellors and practitioners working treatment and rehabilitation centers, probation officers, social workers, medical/mental health practitioners, HTC counselors, Peer educators, teachers, spiritual leaders, general counselors, human resource personnel, psychologists and persons with interest in addiction management.

Certificate in chemical Dependency and Addiction Counselling

This is a 5 month basic course aimed at introducing learners to key issues in addiction disorders and their management. It focuses on personal development, understanding addiction and basic counselling skills in addiction therapy and introduction to the pharmacological aspects of addiction.

Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use Disorders

In collaboration with Colombo Plans Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC), formerly ICCE, SAPTA offers UTC for substance use disorders. This is a series of training curricula developed for training and preparing people for credentialing as addiction professionals. It aims to enhance the knowledge, skills and competency level of addiction and professionals by providing them with a solid foundational understanding of the science of addiction and latest information on evidence based practices in treatment interventions for clients and families. Also prepares counselors for basic level professional certification. The course can be offered in six consecutive weeks, 7 months one day a week, on in two weeks blocks during school holiday

International Certification for Addiction Professionals (ICAP)

This program is offered in collaboration with the Colombo Plan. The course prepares people for certification as international addiction professionals This credentialing program aims to raise the professional standards and a bench mark for practitioners in the field. It is offered once a week for 16 weeks

Steps to Healthy Living

It is a non- academic alcohol/drugs/HIV risk reduction psycho-educational program. It comprises of 12 psycho-educational lessons delivered over six week period. It incorporates evidence based substance abuse practices with introduction to AA support groups and relapse prevention. The program is suitable for peer educators and ART adherence counselors working with persons with alcohol and drug problems

Professional Development Courses

These are 3-5 day training on contextual issues in intervention for addiction • Working with families with substance use disorders (Advanced UTC) • Counseling interventions for adolescents with substance use disorders • Cognitive behavioral approaches for addiction professionals (Advanced UTC) • Trauma and addiction • Work based addiction prevention programs • Integration of alcohol and HIV/AIDS • SUDs and other Co-occurring mental Disorders • Enhancing motivational interviewing skills (Advanced UTC) • Stress and stress, management • Understanding chemical dependency for spiritual leaders


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